Monday, March 5, 2012

Self-Focused motives and Deception

You will find many statements in Swami Balendu’s blog that are contradictory in nature and the only reason he criticizes is to self promote. Why else? The healthy criticism is when it does not benefit you in any which way. When him and his crew belittles the religion, any religion, it is to show that since they don’t belong to any religion it should mean they are better. If you are against all religions, one would think that you may be an atheist but it is not true in their case as they use God for their benefit whenever it suits them.

They are against all the religions as stated in many of their posts.
They are against spiritual teachers
They are non-religious
They are against hindu scriptures or any scriptures
They are against traditions and culture of India as evident by their rants about them

What do they have to gain by writing all this? It is self promotion. Majority of people are questioning as to what is happening in religion and culture. So they came up with a great idea to tap into this group of people and still maintain their older clientele as being in a Swami or Guru Garb. It is a win win situation.
Since this a sole source of income for the entire clan.

My question is what is it that they are offering? Mere criticism of others for self promotion? Quotes that are not new but are re-written and basically originated from many different religious scriptures, be it hinduism, bible, budhism or islam. How is that for original?

They are ridiculing others with a self motive. Since others are bad, therefore they are good. Not really highlighting what is that is good in them? Running a small school which is projected by thousands of pictures of the same kids over and over while feeding them. How about quietly doing a charity and not boasting about it to the whole world? They have to brag about it because it is the charity that fetches them easy money from kind hearted people from the other countries.

I have asked many people in Vrindavan about this place and no one I mean NO ONE has even heard of it. How is that for a shock? There are far more charities that are taking place in Vrindavan without any self promotion. Check it out sometime. When I asked some of the sincere charities as to why they are not online promoting, they humbly said that we spend all our time helping people and what is the point of praising ourselves. I then asked about how do they get donations for their charities and they said that there is not a soul that comes to Vrindavan and does not donate. Poor of poor people when coming to pilgrimage want to offer help in this divine land of Krishna. They always give enough.

Then there is this group called Jaisiyaram made up of swami balendu and his brothers purnendu and yashendu goswami and their lady partner Ramona,who is spending endless hours promoting themselves for donations online. Most of the blogs are about the faults in other organizations etc. and also boasting about their goodness. Buying 5000 likes on Facebook does not constitute for a charitable organization. You cannot fool all the people all of the time.

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